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San Diego based, RockinRonsMusic offers excellent customer service, competitive prices and a huge selection. Free USA shipping via USPS. Affordable overseas shipping rates. We have professional harmonicas, Reed plates including Special 20 reed plates, cover plates, harmonica combs, cases, mics, screws and The Squeal Killer anti feed back pedal, plus more. Great prices on Seydel harmonicas, Suzuki harmonicas, Hohner harmonicas, HarpLock, Lee Oskar harmonicas, Galaxy Audio microphones, Snark tuners, Tune Bot drum tuners, Hosa cables, Rapco Horizon instrument cables and Decibel Eleven gear. We carry lots of pro gear, Chromatic Harmonicas, Diatonic harmonicas, Tremolo harmonicas, and harmonica accessories. Payment methods are Paypal, Paypal Bill Me Later, Credit Card or Money Order. Refunds will be store credit or check. For shipping and warranty info, please click on the tabs above.
We live and do business under the guidelines of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

We love what we do, feel free to call us any time. 858-736-4068 If we can't answer we will be right back with you.
RockinRonsMusic aims to please.

If you are near San Diego, please make an appointment and come on by. Please contact us with any questions.

Fast Free US POST OFFICE shipping within the US, although orders over $350 will be charged $7.00 for insurance for your safety and ours. We will charge after your order has been placed.
International customers (including Canada and Mexico), please click here for shipping info.

All orders are shipped within one or two business days or you will be notified. We ship via The US Post Office.


  • Check our new site folks. It has a SEARCH engine and lots and lots of Specials.
  • Hohner Progressive Cover Plates: Ron, There is no difference between a Special 20 stamped Progressive and a Special 20 not stamped Progressive. The Progressive line is simply a re-categorization to make the differences in features of our 10-hole diatonic harmonicas more apparent. Categories are: Marine Band = Classic, Deluxe, Crossover, Thunderbird Progressive = Special 20, Golden Melody, Rocket MS = Blues Harp, Big River Harp, Blue Midnight Enthusiast = BluesBand, Old Standby, Blues Bender, American Ace, Pocket Pal, Hot Metal So a Special 20 stamped Progressive is no different than any other Special 20. Therefore we will continue to sell the old cover plates until they run out without changing our distribution. I do not know how long that will take. My opinion is it is safe to say we will run out by the end of the year on popular keys. Bill Bucco Reed Instrument Service Manager | HOHNER, Inc.
  • Good advise from Joe Spiers if you are blowing out your harps
  • If this is your first order with us, Welcome!
  • We offer free shipping in the US. Please get a shipping quote before you order if you are Overseas, in Canada or Mexico
  • We have a Facebook fan page that shows testimonies regarding our service, great harp video's, harmonica instruction and we post new specials all the time. You don't have to be a avid facebook user to take advantage of the specials we post there, but you do need to be a Fan. Click the link and "like" the page.
  • If you ever feel there is a problem with a new harmonica, please always be sure to check the WARRANTY link. Do not send your harp to RockinRons
  • As most of you know Hohner sends us harps in boxes that can hold three harps. We combine harps into one box depending on your order. We build long term relationships with our customers due to our honesty, integrity, prices, communication, knowledge, and speedy delivery times. All our instruments and gear come direct from the factory or distributors. We do not sell used products unless advertised as used.

  • Decibel Eleven Split Personality
    Amp Switcher

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